Grace Eim

Hey, hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Grace, but you probably have never seen a last name like mine! :)

Born in a small city called Tulsa of Oklahoma and raised in San Jose (CA), I currently reside in Orange County and discovering the many colors of Southern California. Growing up, I never took the serious consideration of being an artist and designer but through my enthusiasm for creative ideas in problem solving and effective visual communication, it was clear to me of that my future passion and endeavors were headed towards!

I find it important to be a good team player--to humbly learn and to aid others with support in the best of my abilities--in so, that I may also grow into a better leader to those around me. In the past few years, I set foot into different platforms of design including photography, motion graphics, illustration, packaging, and marketing. Encountering each separate design fields, I strongly identify my skills in illustration, graphics, and communications and would like to continue further implementing these in other concepts of graphic design to better envision an individual or corporate idea. As I partake into new settings and challenges, both in design and personal growth, I am open to new experiences and quick on my feet to adjustments. My flexibility helps me be a fast and hard-working learner to provide the best results.

To inspire others, I believe it is to trust in your own process! And I would love to be part of your journey in finding innovations through designs.


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